Corporate Headshots – The Key to Effective Personal Branding

It is absolutely true that a “picture says a thousand words” that is why corporate headshots are a vital branding component to represent yourself or your business. First impressions matter and they will always be important, but since many are now conducting most of their interactions over the web, virtual personal branding is crucial to introduce yourself or your brand to the world. A professional portrait provides a remarkable opportunity to present yourself to employers or your brand image to potential customers.

If you are still unsure whether you need a corporate headshot or not, here are some things you need to take not of:


Professional Portrait to Brand Yourself

When recruiters look at your application, the first thing they often see is your photo. Recruiters are also spending just about 10 – 15 seconds per Profile on LinkedIn, and if your profile picture on LinkedIn is your photo during your holiday at the beach, chances are they will ignore your application

A professional portrait is critical to present yourself in a way that when recruiters see you, they would want to hire you. Your portrait should reflect who you are at both ends of the spectrum. It should reflect you, your values, ethos and personality. Keep in mind that your professional headshot is actually your handshake in this day’s digital world.

Remember to keep your image online consistent with who you are and what services you can provide. If you want them to look at you as a professional, let your professional portrait shows it.


Corporate Headshots for Companies

As a business owner, you are the face of your brand or business. When you present your business in the market through your website, the social media or printed materials, your corporate headshot is highly important because it will give your investors and clients first impression about your business.

A professionally crafted photo will present and establish the identity of your company, competence, reliability and credibility. Keep in mind that people will do business with those they like, trust and know. You can start building long-lasting relationships with your customers by taking professional, corporate headshots.

Whether you are working for yourself, representing a larger company that sells services and products or even just looking for a job, you’ll most likely have profile picture on LinkedIn or other social media channels. An expert, consistent approach across all of your active channels will greatly enhance your networking efforts.

Market yourself and your business through professional corporate headshots. A professional portrait provides an effective way to connect with your clients and investors effectively. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, headshots will skillfully present you as a reliable, organized expert in your industry. They will not just project your positive image, but also show how your personality is being judged by others.

Because you do not want to waste your precious time worrying about what others may think of you, but focus instead on the more important aspects of your career and life, it is important to consider professional corporate headshots.

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